NatEnzyme W PLUS SS 30


NatEnzyme W PLUS SS 30

DOSAGE 20 - 50 gr/q.le

NatEnzyme W Plus SS 30 is recommended for increasing the W value and, at the same time, lowering the alveographic P/L value. Indeed, dosed at 30 gr/100 kg, an average increase of 25 points of W value and a reduction of 0,20 points of P/L value occur, according to the type of flour used. It is possible to overdose it up to a maximum of 40gr/100 kg. In some cases, there is a similar effect also with NatEnzyme PL 2050, but unlike NatEnzyme W Plus SS 30, the formulation of PL is without glucose-oxydase, then PL 2050 does not give the same benefits as far as rheofermentographic stability on doughs is concerned.These benefits may occur also during the baking test,beyond in the alveograph.