NatEnzyme Stabilase Elastic G30
The product has been properly studied in order to obtain a strong stability in the farinograph and a reduction of P/L value; it is strongly recommended for strong flours with a high protein content but low stability. Dosed at 30 gr/100kg, NatEnzyme Stabilase Elastic G 30 increases the stability in the farinograph of 3 minutes on average, according to the type of flour. It contributes notably to the stability of doughs during leavening, and it helps slightly the absorption of water max 0,6-0,8%. Its performances on pasta firmness can be compared to the addition of 1,5% gluten roughly. It is not recommended for doughs that contain animal fats and eggs.
Dosage: 30 g/q.le.
Packaging: 25 Kg
Flour Witness:
Natenzyme Stabilase Elastic G30-Farina Testimone
Correct Flour:
Natenzyme Stabilase Elastic G30-Farina Corretta