NatEnzyme Reologic FH 30
The functionalities of NatEnzyme Reologic FH 30 should be observed only in the rheofermentograph, or during the baking test. Dosed at 30 gr/100 kg, an average increase of 40% of bread volume occurs; moreover, it improves the extensibility of the dough and the stability during leavening. In flours with FN value higher than 400, it can be overdosed up to a maximum of 40 gr/100 kg. It does not have any negative effect if combined with a classic bread-making improvement agent. It should be exclusively used for bread-making flours with W180-250 for direct doughs. It is not recommended for doughs that contain animal fats and eggs.
Dosage: 20 – 40 g/q.le.
Packaging: 25 Kg
Flour Witness:
NatEnzyme Reologic FH 30-Farina Testimone
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