NatEnzyme PL 2050
NatEnzyme PL 2050 is recommended for the standardization and correction of soft wheat flours, where the reduction of the alveographic P/L value is needed. With a dosage of 30 gr/100 kg, a reduction of 0,25 P/L is obtained, according to the type of flour used; in certain cases, an increase of the Ie and W values, and a slight increase of stability in the farinograph can be noticed. NatEnzyme PL 2050 gives a particular extensibility without collapsing the dough, unlike other relaxants based on protease, cysteine and deactivated yeast. NatEnzyme PL 30 does not have any effect on the stability; it is possible to overdose it up to a maximum of 50 gr/100 kg.
Dosage: 20 – 50 g/q.le.
Packaging: 25 Kg
Flour Witness:
Natenzyme PL 2050-Farina Testimone
Correct Flour:
Natenzyme PL 2050-Farina Corretta