NatEnzyme Noodle 30
NatEnzyme Noodle 30 is recommended for the exclusive production of flours for dried or fresh pasta, and it is absolutely not recommended its use with fats. By using flours of type “00” with low ash mass < 0,50, the following benefits can be obtained:
• It reduces “breakings” on dried pasta,
• It highly increases pasta firmness during cooking, roughly +3 minutes,
• It avoids the browning (oxidation) typical of fresh pasta,
• It avoids starch release during cooking of fresh pasta.
NatEnzyme Noodle 30 can be overdosed up to a maximum of 90 gr/100 kg, according to the result that is aimed at.
Dosage: 20 – 90 g/q.le.
Packaging: 25 Kg