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The line "NatEnzyme" of Bontà Infinite proposes to correct, standardize and vary the rheological and rheofermentographical characteristics of flours (alveograph, farinograph, extensograph, rheofermentograph, amylograph, falling number).

environmental policy for Quality and the Environment

iso 9001

Bontà Infinite is certified UNI EN ISO 9001. This is the reference standard for the certification of management systems for quality and allows the company to show its ability of supplying products and services that comply to the contract and/or to binding requirements, which are applicable through a management based on a process model system where the centre is focused on the customer and the attention on the continuous improvement.

iso 14001

Bontà Infinite, owns the certification of the environmental management system according to the norm ISO 14001, by guaranteeing that the environmental performances are always controlled and in compliance with the compulsory environmental laws



customized solutions

The Company can realize customized enzyme solutions, in order to solve single problems regarding rheological and rheofermentographical properties of flours, or, according to a specific request, supply multi-purpose enzyme complexes with controlled action.

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